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The Department of String Instruments offers studies at both the bachelor's and master's level in the fields of violin, viola, cello, double bass, harp and guitar. History of the department is adherent to great characters of Czech interpretation art. Such as Alexandr Plocek, Marie Hlouňová, Václav Snítil, Nora Grumlíková of the violinists. Ladislav Černý, Jaroslav Motlík or Milan Škampa of the viola players. Among the most notable violoncello instructors stand out names of K. P. Sádlo, Váša Černý, Alexandr Večtomov and Miloš Sádlo. As the finest example of the guitar instructors we may name Štěpán Rak and Milan Zelenka. And finally there are Karel Patras and Renáta Kodadová for the harp study field.


At the moment the String Instruments Bachelor´s, Continuing Master's and Ph.D. Programmes are available in Czech language only! For enrolment in Czech read more information HERE.


General information regarding the admission procedures can be found in the Admission procedures section.

"Music isn't understood by ears. It's done so by the heart."
Titus Livius


Naděžda Václavíková

department secretary

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prof. MgA. Leoš Čepický

head of department

Phone: 234 244 135
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