We are the conquistadors of sound

We are a team of experts in the field of creative sound work, from the initial recording through editing, mixing, mastering and other phases of sound processing. The recording process is an exciting adventure that begins with a score and ends with a final recording. Our mission is to transform the live performance of a musician into acoustic form. We are the messengers of good news – music. We bring a musical composition to the ears of listeners so that the experience of listening to it is repeatable and retainable for many years. Music and sound direction are fields that have all these activities in their job description.

History of the department


Sound directing and Sound production study programs merge under one sole department


Accrediation of the Sound production study program at HAMU

in all three consecutive steps - bachelor, continuing master and doctoral study


Sound production master study program is opened for the first time at HAMU

as a continuing study program for the bachelor graduates of FAMU or CTU


Sound directing study program is established in cooperation with the HAMU's Music Studio


Music and Dance faculty produces its first CD, made by the HAMU's Sound studio


Sound design study program is established

the instruction of specialised classes was provided by the HAMU's Sound studio


Start of the "Technological Basics of Electro-Acoustic Music" instruction

for the students of the Composition study program


HAMU's sound studio is established