Beat all odds and become the drummer elite!

The time when percussion instruments were played in orchestras by the wind players once their teeth had fallen out is long gone. For one thing dentists can save much more than they used to, but above all percussion instruments have undergone rapid development over the past century, becoming an equal partner to other musical instruments, both in symphonic and chamber music, and as soloists. The music of the 20th century has opened up completely new qualitative sound possibilities, means of expression and playing techniques for the field of percussion. This has naturally also increased the demands on performers.

The spectrum of percussion instruments is very broad, from traditional orchestra instruments to melodic instruments, in particular the marimba and vibraphone, to sets of all kinds of instruments – what is called multi-percussion. The department therefore allows students to have an individual specialisation. The goal of instruction is to produce soloists and chamber players, as well as soloists in symphony orchestras.


At the moment the Percussion Instrument Bachelor´s, Continuing Master's and Ph.D. Programmes are available in Czech language only! For enrolment in Czech read more information HERE.


General information regarding the admission procedures for all study programs can be found in the Admission procedures section.

"Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul."


Naděžda Václavíková

department secretary

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doc. Daniel Mikolášek

head of department

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