Dance Pedagogy - Methods of Modern and Contemporary Dance

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Since 2022/23.

Programme objectives

The Master's degree in Dance Pedagogy provides education in the field of dance pedagogy, which includes the development of the student's methodological and didactic thinking within the chosen curriculum and pedagogical skills based on intensive practice. The teaching system encourages the student to conduct his/her own movement research. It provides space for the development of his/her creativity and artistic expression. Through the form of discussion, the student alienates the way of thinking and looking at the issues of dance pedagogy and education in the 21st century in the Czech and international context.
The student systematically deepens his professional methodological and didactic knowledge in the given specialisation, which logically follows and develops his creative pedagogical skills, thinking and complex reasoning about movement based on the anatomical knowledge of the body that he has acquired in the Bachelor's programme.
He/she will gain a detailed overview of the development of dance in the second half of the 20th and early 21st centuries and the basics of dance management and production. The student learns to contextualize a professional topic and perceive the chosen field in the context of dance in general and in relation to other artistic disciplines and culture.
Future dance educators who undergo intensive dance practice supervised by university studies in dance pedagogy will contribute in a distinctive way to the development of dance education. Through their pedagogical work in leisure activities, they will also contribute to the broader education of society in the field of dance, which is today a fundamental prerequisite for the existence of and respect for professional art.

Graduate profile

The student is able to competently teach dance techniques and repertoire of Modern and Contemporary dance in different age groups and at all levels of expertise of the dance performer.

More info about admission

The entrance examination consists of an interview on the professional issues, the focus of the candidate's Master's studies, and an abstract of the intended thesis. The candidate must demonstrate knowledge of the context of the field in dance pedagogy, the knowledge of pedagogical methods of teaching modern and contemporary dance at the level of a graduate of the Bachelor's degree, orientation in educational systems, dance institutions and prominent personalities.
The candidate submits two pre-prepared exemplary exercise combinations of modern or contemporary dance with methodological analysis. He/she also submits his/her undergraduate thesis.
The committee evaluates the candidate with a cumulative grade, which includes an assessment of knowledge of modern and contemporary dance technique, pedagogical talent and interest in the field best documented by teaching experience, knowledge of music theory, an overview of dance and ballet history, general cultural overview, and stage experience, all at least at the level of a graduate of the Bachelor's degree cycle.
The conditions of the admission procedure, including the determination of the method of scoring and its range, are regulated for each academic year by the relevant decree of the Dean, which is subject to approval by the Academic Senate of the Faculty.


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