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Programme objectives
Graduate profile

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Programme objectives

The programme's objective is for students to master convincingly the issues of dance production and the principles of choreographic composition, dramaturgy and directing. Another goal is to deepen student's practical experience in preparing a choreographic work (synopsis, scenario), and in realising a work (building the choreographic composition in collaboration with music, stage design, costumes and production) of his or her own creation. Another component is to develop student's ability of (self-)reflection on choreographic opuses and knowledge of the history and analysis of dance.

Graduate profile

A graduate of the continuing Master's programme in Choreography has further developed the education obtained in the Bachelor's programme, in particular in developing his or her own choreographic "manuscript". This involves deepening the student's practical dance experience and knowledge in the area of dance and movement theatre. The graduate should demonstrate developed abilities to create his or her own choreographic work with aspects of traditional styles as well as modern trends or in stagings where choreography is an integral part of other genres of live art.
At the same time, individual profiling of students should have occurred, which is also reflected in the graduate's diploma thesis. In the area of the theory and history of dance, the graduate will have developed the ability to think critically generally and in particular with respect to dance, and will be familiar with contemporary approaches to the study of dance.


prof. Mgr. Václav JANEČEK, Ph.D.

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